UBC’ers: What’s your guilty pleasure?


O.K. now that the talk is finished, I can relax a bit now. Organizing these Terry talks is a bit akin to being a wedding planner, but without a set audience of relatives – which makes it a bit stressful sometimes. In any event, James and Alisa (100 Mile Diet) did a great job, and their talk was definitely one of the most charming we’ve had the privilege of hosting. Hopefully, we’ll be able to put up their video by early 2008 (the latest). (it’ll be on the left sidebar with the other videos there)

Anyway, all of their talk about choices, particularly choices where one can find a story that highlights social repercussions, got me thinking about something that is the complete opposite. That is: the arena of guilty pleasures.

So since I’m kind of tired, and not especially feeling like writing a lot, why don’t I ask you folks for what your guilty pleasure is. I’ll start with the first comment.

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David (@ng_dave) is Faculty at the Michael Smith Labs. His writing has appeared in places such as McSweeney's, The Walrus, and boingboing.net. He plans on using Terry as another place to highlight the mostly science-y links he appreciates. In fact, if you liked this one, you might also like his main site generally - this can be found at popperfont.net.

21 Responses to “UBC’ers: What’s your guilty pleasure?”

  1. David Ng

    O.K. I can admit to two that I am embarrassed about.

    I don’t watch much TV these days, but the one show I seem to take an effort to catch every week is “Ugly Betty.” It’s really quite funny.

    As well, (and this is not easy to admit, considering myself as a bit of an alt music afficionado), Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” is a great song.

    There: I’ve bared my soul (and hopefully, in a way that won’t effect your character assessment of me) – who’s next?

  2. Jeremy Carey

    Dancing with the Stars.

    I’m so ashamed

    But man, Marie Osmond, the sparkles, the over the top judges – what more could you want? Plus, what department at UBC would host a class on this stuff? Theatre? Anthropology? Dance? (do we have a dance department?). My mind is reeling just thinking about it…

  3. Dave Semeniuk

    “Dancing with the Stars. – I’m so ashamed ”

    Now way man – there’s something super masculine about ballroom dancing.

    Yea, I said it.

  4. Brianingeography

    The Nintendo Wii is like crack with a power chord.

  5. Gen Barchet

    My guilty pleasure? Brushing my teeth with my sonicare tooth brush (so their super nice and glossy feeling) while watching Meerkat Manor on Knowledge Network.

  6. Kerrie

    I’m eating a steak, listening to Ms. Spears’ latest, and wondering what will happen on the next episode of the O.C.

    And that’s just in the last 30 minutes. At least the steak is local.

  7. Felice

    A Tim Horton’s Boston Creme donut is pretty much to die for. Also a fan of the O.C.

  8. Cam

    My guilty pleasure is reading other people’s guilty pleasures. That is so meta, and yes, I am a philosophy major.

    Oh, and what about “High School Musical?” Not just for kids? Anyway, I have to confess that I was all over the sequel when it came out.

  9. Avery

    Shopping! I get some serious satisfaction from wandering around a mall (egh!) and checking out what’s new this week.

    Did I just say that. I don’t want to be a part of consumerism, honestly…

  10. Erin York

    Jeremy- If you are really interested in Dancing with the Stars as a cultural phenomenon, take DRAMA 300 with Ernest Matjhis. Three weeks of the course are dedicated (or were last year) specifically to reality television.

  11. Churmy Fan

    I’m a total sucker for musicals and Disney cartoons. I’ve watched the Phantom of the Opera enough times to memorize the whole damned thing. When I was 8, I hardly knew any English, but managed to memorize every scene from the Lion King. My friend and I used to act them out.

    Where did all that memory capacity go during exams? It’s not fair!

  12. Florin

    Okay I definitely thought someone would have beat me to this…

    I really, really enjoy the yuppie feeling of walking to work or class every morning with a Starbucks cup in my hand while sporting an iPod. Sometimes, the more symbols scribbled down the side of the cup, the better.

    The sad thing is I am trying hard to save money, and I KNOW this is costing me about $3.50/day x 30days/mo = …. can’t even finish the calculation for the shame it brings.

    hehe. Surely I can’t be the only one…

  13. Kerrie

    You’re not! Every morning: “Hmm, I could just buy a regular coffee for a dollar and put lots of milk in it but…a latte would be foamy!!!!!”

  14. David Ng

    $3.50 per day for coffee….

    You should check out this post I wrote a few months back.

  15. Stoel Jephanson

    When I get home from school, if there’s still coffee in the pot, I kind of like to stir some milk into it and drink it cold. I guess that’s not very revealing. But still, it ain’t classy.

  16. Leigh-Anne

    Getting super in to Reach For The Top. I don’t usually watch TV but I’ll watch that when I go home. I seem to recall my mother being baffled when she came home and I was yelling “Sporangium! Sporangium!”

  17. Olatoye Oyalowo

    A guilty pleasure is an aspect of our lives in which we find a certain amount of joy or comfort, but that we don’t want to brag about for fear of what others might think of us, in terms of refinement of taste and basic values. An example would be the true fact that eccentric piano genius Glen Gould was besotted with pop songstress Petulia Clark. So, I don’t mean guilt in the sense of something disgusting or potentially illegal that you might favor in your very private moments, but just a thing, attitude, or preference that might take from the public impression that you have so carefully honed so that you might be seen as an enlightened, even exalted human being to whom others cannot help but look to in an upward fashion. I didn’t invent the idea of guilty pleasures, but it is one that sort of tickled me when I first ran across it a few years ago. So, what I am about to do is lay myself bare (metaphorically speaking) and offer you some of mine. I would be delighted to hear some of yours. If some of my choices evoke in you a feeling of “What is wrong with liking that? I like that, and I think it’sreally good. Hey, that’s OK. Tastes vary. It’s just that for me, these things qualify as guilty pleasures:

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