UBC’ers: What’s your guilty pleasure?


O.K. now that the talk is finished, I can relax a bit now. Organizing these Terry talks is a bit akin to being a wedding planner, but without a set audience of relatives – which makes it a bit stressful sometimes. In any event, James and Alisa (100 Mile Diet) did a great job, and their talk was definitely one of the most charming we’ve had the privilege of hosting. Hopefully, we’ll be able to put up their video by early 2008 (the latest). (it’ll be on the left sidebar with the other videos there)

Anyway, all of their talk about choices, particularly choices where one can find a story that highlights social repercussions, got me thinking about something that is the complete opposite. That is: the arena of guilty pleasures.

So since I’m kind of tired, and not especially feeling like writing a lot, why don’t I ask you folks for what your guilty pleasure is. I’ll start with the first comment.

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David (@ng_dave) is Faculty at the Michael Smith Labs. His writing has appeared in places such as McSweeney's, The Walrus, and boingboing.net. He plans on using Terry as another place to highlight the mostly science-y links he appreciates. In fact, if you liked this one, you might also like his main site generally - this can be found at popperfont.net.