Tropical Cyclone Sidr strikes Bangladesh

Although the buzz topic around the news today is the whole taser video thing, I think it’s also important to note another major event going on in the world right now. In case you haven’t heard (which might be likely because it only seems to be just starting to get prime media space), a category 4 cyclone (named Sidr) has hit Bangladesh in a big way.


We’re talking a low lying country battered by upwards of 240kmph winds and over 3 million individuals in need of evacuation. The story doesn’t seem to be billed at all at (at the moment of writing), but it was sitting as one of the headlines for

For maybe a better “on the ground” perspective, here is the relatively prominent blogger living in Bangladesh providing commentary.

Anyway, apart from the potential horror of the event itself, it’s curious to see how items like this have a hard time gaining prominence in American media. What’s up with that?

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