It’s all about perspective people. A talk about science in Africa.


Hey, look at that! I’m giving a talk tomorrow (Michael Smith Lecture Hall, Michael Smith Building, 12:30pm, Nov 15th). The line reads:

For the last five years, Dr. David Ng been involved in a project that aims to help with the rebuilding of science infrastructure in a country such as Nigeria in West Africa. This talk, therefore, is partly a travelogue and will hopefully show a perspective of science under challenging conditions, in a part of the world where poverty and inequity is sometimes so grossly real as to be surreal. It will attempt to show how privileged our own career paths are (be it as a student or a professor), and in doing so hopefully compel us to perhaps consider the things that we all can do to help to make a difference.

Hope to see some of you folks out there. Should be fun.

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David (@ng_dave) is Faculty at the Michael Smith Labs. His writing has appeared in places such as McSweeney's, The Walrus, and He plans on using Terry as another place to highlight the mostly science-y links he appreciates. In fact, if you liked this one, you might also like his main site generally - this can be found at