Whoa… UBC interchange email has been down for a while (that can’t be good)

… and really inconvenient for those of us, who pretty function around our ability to communicate through the email. Anyway, the bulletins at IT services have been pretty cryptic, although they have “assured” us that no email (being sent in) has been lost.

Anyone out there with some inside knowledge? How would email being sent in be safeguarded, if the ability to use our interchange servers seems to be out? It can’t be good that it’s been down for over a day now.

Here’s a bit more info on the outage.

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2 Responses to “Whoa… UBC interchange email has been down for a while (that can’t be good)”

  1. SamJK

    Not sure how they would make sure that email coming in isn’t lost. That would really suck. Maybe, their assurance is to calm alarm for now?

    I heard that to restore these sorts of things can take a really long time, once new hardware is in place, but not an expert in these things.

  2. krystal

    Should be o.k. There are all sorts of “Email Disaster Recovery” add-ons that other services have. These seemed to have been beefed up with things like Katrina, and other natural disasters where things go crazy for an extended period of time, and clients wanted a way to protect against loss of data.

    I would assume that for a place as large as UBC, and where email exchange plays such an important role in day to day communication (for students, staff and faculty), that some type of measure is in place.

    But who knows – if not, maybe heads will roll!

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