One episode of the Bionic Woman equals clean water for 300,000 African Families

Here is one of two cranes outside the Michael Smith Laboratories right now.


Apparently, there is a lot of jumping in the “Bionic Woman” television show. Anyway, they’re also shooting in my lab right now, but I promised not to show pictures until the episode airs (in apparently 2 to 3 weeks).

But get this – each episode costs around $5 million dollars! Wow, talk about inequity. How many here can talk about being funded by even an academic research grant of that stature, and nevermind the math you can do with regards to the Millennium Development Goals.

Crazy. Just crazy.

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4 Responses to “One episode of the Bionic Woman equals clean water for 300,000 African Families”

  1. Cam

    Bejezus! How high does she jump on this show? And you’re right. That much money is such a waste, I bet folks like Jeffrey Sachs are pulling their hair out over that one.

  2. Dave Semeniuk

    I work in the BioSci building, and had the chance to talk briefly with one of the ground crew – apparently it costs ~12-15,000 for each crane, per day. Given they are shooting the jumping scene on one day, they spent 75,000 just to have the two cranes sitting around for three days. Bejezus indeed.

  3. David Ng

    Hey, now I’ve heard there will be monkeys in my lab for the shoot. I tried asking how much it was to rent a monkey, but couldn’t get an answer.

  4. Churmy Fan

    I looked up that episode on youtube. Our lab got less than 10 seconds. But that was plenty of time for me to find my seat!

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