Impress me with your song choice. Leave a comment.

O.K. So I use to be one those folks who took music very seriously, and even though I’m an old fart now, I still like to hear about interesting music that’s out there.

Suggest something in the comments! Maybe even let me know what that song is good for (for studying, being mellow, being forlorn-like, for parties, over dinner, etc).

Here’s my suggestion. I stumbled across “Camillo the Magician” by local band Said the Whale a few months ago. Maybe one of the catchiest tunes I’ve heard in a while.

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12 Responses to “Impress me with your song choice. Leave a comment.”

  1. Camille

    I’m just gonna go ahead and pledge my undying love for the Avett Brothers by posting “I and Love and You” …

    I, my roommates, my upstairs neighbour and anyone who has listened to me belt it at the top of the lungs when driving, oh, anywhere all have intimate knowledge of this song and how awesome it is. Time to pass it on.

  2. Julie

    I love Glee! Is that cool? Or uber uncool? Who cares – I think the show tunes are brilliant!

  3. David Ng

    This is great – keep them coming. Jill: I’ve heard of Brooke Fraser before because my all time favourite musician (Neil Finn) has sang with her.

    On that note – when you get Neil Finn asking folks from Wilco, Radiohead, the Smiths, Pearl Jam, etc to form a jam band, you get this piece of awesome.

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