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What is The Terry Project ?

Why do you have a radio show?

    we like to explore the relationship between big ideas and everyday life in BC. Every week the show is hosted by

Sam Fenn


Gordon Katic

    Can you brag about your show a little bit?

    Okay. We have had some pretty cool guests on our program including George Strombolopolous, Bill McKibben, Kim Campbell, Chuck Klosterman and lots of UBC professors. Also, one episode we produced about the PR-ification of federal science in Canada was featured on the popular blog and shared by the famous twitter vigilantes @YourAnaonNews. And we won a national documentary award from the NCRA on this episode. So there’s that.

    When is the next episode?

    During the academic year, we air every Wednesday at 11:30PM on CiTR 101.9FM. We release the podcast every Wednesday morning.

How can I listen?

Where do you record the show?

    at UBC’s School of Journalism, at the CiTR studios. And sometimes in Gordon’s bedroom.

Who pays for this?

  • The Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). They support training, research, and outreach for over 85,000 students and professors. When you hear some wonky social scientist blow your mind, thank them.
  • UBC’s Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund. They do a lot for student learning at UBC. You have them to thank for all the great UBC professors, teachers, and students that we profile.
  • UBC’s Alma Mater Society. Specifically, the AMS Sustainability Fund and the Innovative Projects Fund. Fancy microphones and mobile recorders are expensive, so they chipped in.

Do you have people that you wish you had the time to thank at the end of every episode??

Yes! We receive some truly generous (in kind) mentorship and support from UBC’s Kathryn Gretsinger, Dave Ng, Joanne Fox and Allen Sens. We are really thankful to the individuals and institutions at the University who have helped us keep making this show. We’re also thankful to the Michael Smith Labs for giving us an office to produce the show from (MSL room 223, if you want to visit).

Thanks also to our team: the audio wizard Chirag Mahajan; our innumerable and invaluable research assistants; the three organized people (Hailey Froese, Rebekah Parker and Kamil Somaratne) who keep our program forward at the necessary pace; the reporters, writers and fact checkers. Thanks to Talal Al Salem and Jessica Mann for all of the great Facebook cover art they’ve made.

Thanks to Brenda, Robin and everyone at CiTR. And thank you for listening!

How can I support the podcast?

How can I get involved?

  • I am a UBC student who is interested in developing my academic research chops. Apply to be a research assistant. 
  • I am a freelance journalist looking to gain some valuable experience in radio. Pitch us a story.
  • I am a UBC student interested in learning more about radio storytelling. RSVP to one of our documentary training sessions at CiTR (there’s a sign-up sheet at the studios), or email us directly.

On each episode of the Terry Project Podcast UBC students Sam Fenn and Gordon Katic speak to the world’s leading experts on global issues and explore a debate with profound international significance. Should we be afraid of nuclear energy? How do our food choices affect producer nations? Can a capitalist economy ever be ecologically sustainable? Frequently, Sam and Gordon do not find simple and unproblematic answers, but instead reveal the discontinuity, controversy and intrigue behind the question.

Past guests have included CBC television host George Strombolopolous, former US Assistant Secretary of Defence Lawrence Korb, and environmental activist Bill McKibben. The program often features a roundtable discussion with professors Allen Sens and David Ng.

The Terry Project Podcast is recorded at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver and airs every second Wednesday at 1PM on CiTR 101.9FM. The Terry Project Podcast is produced by Mollie Deyong and Rachel Gutman.

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