This is pretty simple.

If you’re interested writing something for Terry, then send all submissions, comments, and queries as text directly pasted in the body of your email or as a word document (.doc) to¬†Graphic work should be queried first using the same email address.

Please use the following format: “Terry: title of submission” in the subject heading so that we can best work through your material.

At this point, we suspect that response time would be less than three weeks, but if you find that we take longer, please simply resend rather than inquire on the status. We will do our best to edit accordingly, and will welcome feedback with open arms, open minds, and maybe (just maybe) a friendly pat on the back.

As far as what type of content we’re looking for – how long it should be, the tone and philosophy of the pieces, whether they are reprints from blogs, etc, cartoons, humour, biting commentary – we’re pretty open at this point. However, we should stress that we are particularly fond of good works from the student population and have also made the single decision that for textbook type pieces, we quite like the FAQ format.

Also, note that as a general rule, we cannot pay for pieces, but of course, all copyright of material published at this site will forever remain with the original author. What we can say, however, is that should others inquire about the material presented on this site, we will do our best to facilitate your path to fame and glory.