Why do we explore? Joel Hutchinson at #TEDx Terry Talks

Joel Hutchinson at TEDx Terry Talks 2014 | Photo by Sruthi Sreedhar

Joel Hutchinson at TEDx Terry Talks 2014 | Photo by Sruthi Sreedhar.

When Joel Hutchinson was part of a NASA project to promote space exploration to the general public, he had to think closely about the connection between exploration at the frontiers of physics and its relevance to everyday life.

This led Hutchinson, a second-year Master’s student at UBC, to ask people – including prominent individuals like Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye, a simple question: Why do we explore?

Hutchinson’s point is that explorations at the frontiers of physics can have a profound impact on everyday life. He wants the non-scientific community to feel comfortable engaging in scientific discussions and talking about the ‘big questions’ of the universe.

In this TEDx talk, Hutchinson talks about using the “holographic principle” as an interdisciplinary tool to provide insight into how science and nature actually works together. He believes that by incorporating these innovative approaches to science education, it will be easier to get people interested in how science impacts the world around them.


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