TEDxTT Speaker Preview: Swinzle Chauhan



Swinzle Chauhan – TEDx Terry Talks 2014 Speaker

Blog post by Hailey Froese 

Swinzle Chauhan is a fourth year undergraduate student studying Environmental Sciences and Human Geography. Whilst of Indian descent, she was born and raised in Malaysia. Swinzle’s TEDx Terry Talk will be a personal reflection on what she has learned growing up with Vitiligo, a condition that changes skin pigmentation. She will relate her experiences to some key geographic terms and give the audience a new perspective on stereotypes and judgment.

While Swinzle heard about TEDx Terry Talks in her first year, it took her until her fourth year to apply as a speaker. She had been interested since hearing about the event however it wasn’t until last year when friends Koon Peng and Nidhi delivered a talk that she was convinced to apply.

“You know what, this is my last year – and they inspired me to do it!” says Chauhan.

One of Swinzle’s passions is composting; so much so that “sometimes you’ll find me digging into a bin trying to sort things out.”

“I love to compost. I work with campus and community planning as a zero waste coordinator. I’m trying to zero-waste as many events on campus as I can, which is super exciting because I love zero wasting things.”

Under Swinzle’s guidance the TEDx Terry Talks 2014 is going to be a zero waste event – yet another reason to come listen to her speak this Saturday!

Be sure to check out Swinzle’s talk at the TEDx Terry Talks on October 25th at the Life Sciences Centre. For ticket information, please visit: http://ow.ly/D0lV2  

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