A Sochi Recap: Our Favourite Outfits

2014 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

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From the moment it began, the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi has been colourful. With an estimated 2800 athletes representing 88 countries, the Olympics is a rare occasion where the whole world is enjoying the same party. Here are some of the most interesting dressers at the party.


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Even though the Norwegian men’s curling team only placed second at the last Olympics, no one can deny that their flair for patriotic zigzags is second to none. The uniforms are loud, they’re fun, and they use the colours of the Norwegian flag. This is the second time that the team has had stand-out uniforms and the last time they did, they were able to win a silver medal.


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The Mexican Alpine Skiing Team was founded over 30 years ago by now 55-year-old Prince Hubertus Von Hohenlohe. Since then, the team has competed in 6 Winter Olympics. The only member of the team, Von Hohenlohe is also a German prince and a pop singer. He will be wearing this one-piece speedsuit in the style of mariachi folk singers in Mexico.


Photo Credit: Ralph Lauren

The largest group of foreign athletes at the Olympics, 230 Americans will be wearing these Ralph Lauren cardigans in Sochi. At first glance, these appear as wonderful as that Christmas sweater your grandmother knitted for you. But they do grow on you, just not for $598.


Photo Credit: USA Today

These bright, eye-catching uniforms are being worn by Team Germany. Germany insists this was designed beforehand and not a political statement about recent protests for LGBT rights in Russia. That’s all right though, even if Germany didn’t wear these, the combination of the uniforms worn by all the athletes from around the world is a giant burst of colour by itself.


In fact, even without the athletes, the volunteers in Sochi are bringing enough colour to the city as it is. Despite the controversies, there was always going to be a rainbow in Sochi.

P.S. Go Canada Go!


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Also, on a more serious note, check out our BARtalk debate on Sochi:

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