UBC Colloquium Presents: Dr. Patrick Moore

On Tuesday, February 11th, UBC Colloquium is hosting a discussion with Patrick Moore (Ph.D. Ecology, UBC), Confessions of A Greenpeace Dropout: Can Greenpeace Co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore support GMOs?

After helping form Greenpeace in the 1970’s, Dr. Moore left in the 1980’s, later criticizing the mainstream environmental movement as anti-human and unscientific. He has consulted for businesses around the world and made controversial claims about climate change. His talk will be on his experience with Greenpeace and his campaign for genetically modified Golden Rice to alleviate vitamin A deficiency problems in areas of Asia and Africa.

This free event is on Tuesday February 11, 5-6:30pm at Buchanan A103, and is sponsored by Colloquium – an interdisciplinary UBC student club.


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