TEDxTt Preview: Sparking Discussions Worth Having with Cage Match U

Taking place during the TEDx Terry Talks intermission, the inaugural event will continue on with the theme of the day by featuring UBC Students from the UBC Debate Society as the Cage Match Fighters.

In a world where we have unlimited processing power, vast amounts of information, greater connectivity, and widespread manufacturing capabilities, the possibilities for A Better World are all around us. How can we make these possibilities a reality?

Introducing Cage Match U, an event in which students, professors and thought leaders debate against one another on the topics that will shape our future. The format is simple: pitting idea vs. idea, the Fighters will have to convince the audience that they have the right philosophy when it comes to imagining, designing, and creating a better world. The Fighters will leave no idea behind, ensuring that the audience will leave inspired to have discussions worth having with one another.

Created by Autodesk, past Cage Matches have taken place at TED and TED Global to widespread popularity. Past fighters have included the likes of Jason Silva, Peter Diamandis and Vivek Wadhwa as they debated topics such as the future of immortality, education, and intelligence. This year, the format is being extended to include the next generation of thought leaders on university campuses with Cage Match U.

Are there any topics that you feel should enter the ring? Tweet us at @TerryUBC with #CageMatchU. If you haven’t gotten your ticket for the TEDx Terry Talks – which also gains you admission to the Cage Matches – be sure to get them here before they sell out.

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