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Generation Y, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Canadian Music, the Enbridge pipeline, education, gender, land rights in Brazil, earthquakes, the digital era and…toilets. What do these things have in common? They are some of the topics that your peers are going to speak about in their own TEDx Terry Talk, on November 3rd in the Life Sciences Building at UBC.

These are UBC’s most fascinating and engaging students coming together for a day, giving the talk of their lives, sharing their ideas and discussing their visions for UBC and the world. Don’t miss the opportunity to be there, with students, alumni, faculty, administration, and members of the general public watching this unfold during a one day, student-led conference.

Never been to the TEDx Terry Talks? Listen to this special episode of our podcast featuring highlights from last year.

This year, our speakers include (titles subject to revision):


Ryan Vandecasteyen: Social Capital & the No Tankers Movement

Graduate Students

Alisha Hackinen: Crafting a New Kind of Land Manager through Problem Based Learning

Sam Eifling: Dying for land in Brazil

Eric Brown: The “Trickle-Down” Effect: How A Toilet Can Save Your Life


Nick Thornton: Your boyfriend wants to be pretty

Eunice Hi: Don’t Just Follow Your Passion – The Missing Link, A talk for Generation Y

Rebekah Parker: Lessons from a 6.3: on Community Engagement and Resiliency

Alexander Wuolle: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Stefana Fratila: WEIRD ERA: Being sincere in an era of digital creation

Joseph Glaser: The Canadian identity crisis

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Gordon Katic (@gordonkatic) has been student coordinator for the Terry Project for over two years, and in that time started BARtalk, and the Terry Project on CiTR 101.9FM. A former Ubyssey columnist, and now a student at the UBC Graduate School of Journalism, Gordon is trying to use journalism to tell important stories about global issues.