Public telephones made interesting

Sao Paulo, Brazil is taking on a public arts project– a hundred telephone booths are getting a makeover and it looks pretty awesome.

All images are from Read the Schema Mag article on this art exhibit here.

As a result of these cool designs, citizens of Sao Paulo are using the once-abandoned telephone booths and they are treating it with tender love and care. The rest of the designs can be found here.

What public infrastructure in Vancouver would you like to see become a canvas for art projects? Street lamps? Sewage drains? Bike racks?


Kyuwon Kim (@kimkyuwon) is a BSc Natural Resources Conservation student. In 2011/12, she was the Assistant Director of Common Energy UBC (@CommonEnergyUBC), the largest and most active student sustainability group on UBC campus. She advocates for meaningful government climate action with UBCC350 (@UBCC350).

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