This week at UBC: The “Vote of Die” edition.

Each week, the Terry team will highlight events in and around campus that we happen to be interested in. As usual, the focus will be on global issues with an interdisciplinary angle. Be sure to check out for more.

From now until the 27th, your student union is having an election. They represent you on important matters like tuition, transit, and governance. Although the AMS has a record of dismally low turnout, they are integral to every part of student life at UBC–so vote! You can find coverage of all the races at The Ubyssey.

Speaking of political humour… From Lenny Bruce to Richard Pryer, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, and Jon Stewart, comedy has always seen itself as a stage for subversion and democratic engagement. Is this an accurate portrayal of comedy, or does it in fact reinforces racial and ethnic stereotypes? What affect have these social satirists had on journalism? This Wednesday, Green College is holding a short talk on these issues through the lens of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

On Tuesday at 5PM, Green College’s visiting scholar Patricia Churchland will hold a talk on neuroscience and morality. What do discoveries in neuroscience tell us about our morality? Here’s an interview she had with PBS’ Bill Moyers.

Want to get involved at UBC? Want to get involved at UBC?  Learn how at the CSI’s 2nd Birthday and Involvement Fair!  Stop by the Centre for Student Involvement on January 25th between 12 and 3 pm to learn about campus resources, meet student leaders and get involved!

This Wednesday at 5:30PM in Mahony’s Pub, the College of Health Disciplines brings students together for a Parisian Salon to discuss issues of health and well-being for the worlds diverse populations. What is a Parisian Salon? Commonly associated with French philosophical movements, they were

gatherings of intellectual, social, political, and cultural elites under the roof of an inspiring hostess or host, partly to amuse one another and partly to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation

Monday January 23rd, Dr. Jackson Katz is giving a lecture entitled “Men, Women, Sex and Violence”

In this multimedia lecture internationally renowned author and educator Dr. Jackson Katz explores some of the ways that social norms in male culture contribute to sexual and domestic violence, and suggests strategies to enlist men in the fight against all forms of men’s violence toward women. Topics covered include male peer cultures in schools and colleges, violence by men against other men, men’s uses of pornography, prostitution and stripping, sexism in the sports culture and the military, the many intersections between racism and sexism, and the role of homophobia in all-male groups. Katz uses entertaining and disturbing clips from his award-winning videos, including Tough Guise, to accentuate the importance of understanding – and changing – the cultural environment that condones or promotes sexism and violence.

Monday from 4 to 5PM, UBC350 is holding an organizational meeting in IBLC 191. This is a really exciting group of students and faculty committed to taking action on climate change, and I highly recommend you attend!

On Wednesday at 5:30, the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions is holding a talk entitled “Limit Climate Change and Stay Healthy by Drs. Kirsten Zickfeld, SFU and Erica Frank, UBC.

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