This Week at UBC: The “you disgust me!” edition.

Each week, the Terry team will highlight events in and around campus that we happen to be interested in. As usual, the focus will be on global issues with an interdisciplinary angle. Be sure to check out for more.

Note: This entire week is the Conference Week for the Africa Awareness Initiative! Click the link to see the full schedule.

Jan 16

Two great free lectures at Green College:

Jan 17

Africa Awareness Week @ The Global Lounge:

  • 12-1:30 pm: Africa In Research – UBC professor Dr. Gary Bull and AFRICAD present a look at the increasingly important role of Africa’s ecosystems in current environmental research.
  • 7-9 pm: Africa in Film, “The First Grader.” – This award-winning, internationally acclaimed film captures the inspiring true story of an 84-year-old Kenyan fighting to receive an elementary school education.

Jan 18

  • Wear orange and denim today! Extra points if you can find orange denim.  The orange is to show support for Suicide Awareness Day, and the denim is to participate in Wear Denim Day – part of UBC’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

IKB Barbara Learning Centre, Lillooet Room 301 @ 12-1:15 pm:

  • Examining Persistent Educational Myths: This one hour long session will feature a critical examination of the prevailing myths and beliefs surrounding study techniques and the educational experience. Do you think you’re a visual learner? Or an efficient multi-tasker? Do you think group work is a complete waste of time? Looking a bit deeper into these theories can help you become an efficient and informed student.

Jan 19

7 pm @ Pacific Cinematheque, Chan Centre and Pacific Cinematheque present…

  • Gypsy Caravan“: a 2006 award-winning documentary written/produced by Jasmine Dellal and shot by documentary icon Albert Maysles. The film is a celebration of Roma performers, and provides a colourful mosaic of Gypsy life, intertwining the beauty and vibrancy of performance with the sometimes harsh reality of the Gypsy condition.
  • This special screening of Gypsy Caravan has been organized to compliment the performance of Spanish flamenco performers Soledad Barrio and Noche Flamenca, Saturday January 21st at 8 pm at Chan Centre.

Jan 20

“The Idiot”, Frederic Wood Theatre, 7:30-10:

  • Theatre at UBC & PuSH International Performing Arts Festival ask you: “In a world obsessed with money, power, and sexual conquest, is a sanatorium the only place for a saint?” This is a musical adaptation of Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s compelling social critique, “The Idiot.” Written and directed by James Fagan Tait, don’t miss out on this unique modification of Dostoyevsky’s classic.

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