The Best Game You Can Name…

Hi everyone! I’m gonna switch it up today, and talk about what should be, but isn’t, Canada’s official national sport.

(Okay, so I just googled it and apparently I’m wrong – according to the always trustworthy Wiki Answers,

“Records show that Lacrosse was the National Sport.
Lacrosse was the National Sport of Canada up until 1994.
Today our National Sport is Hockey.
Lacrosse shares the honor of National Sport of Canada with Ice Hockey. There were objections to changing the National sport in 1994. So the winter sport is Hockey and the summer sport is Lacrosse, even though it is played in the spring.”)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, on October 6th to be exact, the NHL’s 95th season began. And I, as a true Canadian, have been following each game religiously (that was a little bit of a lie).

However, I must admit, I have been keeping up with the games of my team – I might as well just throw it out there that I’m a Leafs fan. My apologies to Terry UBC if this reduces views to the blog. I am by no means apologizing for where my loyalties lie.

Based on my experience so far in Vancouver, and pretty much anywhere that isn’t Toronto, people aren’t such strong beleafers. But regardless of who you may or may not support, I think it’s pretty fair that hockey is just one of those things that people associate with Canada, along with maple syrup, Mounties, and keeping polar bears as pets.

It’s what brings us all together, unites us, makes us more than the neighbor up North. Whether or not you’re a fan at all, there’s no doubt that Canada’s renowned love for the sport makes us distinctly unique. And I personally would much rather be part of a country known for unity than for war, obesity, or political struggle.


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