American Troops Withdraw from Iraq

Hi everyone!

So, this being a global issues blog, I thought it would be important to post this clip:

Finally, with the killing of Osama bin Laden and the death of Gadaffi, Obama is taking American troops out of Iraq after eight long, controversial years. The cost? Over $750 billion; 4,800 Americans killed, and more than 32,000 others wounded.

At least the rest of the troops are going home to their families.


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3 Responses to “American Troops Withdraw from Iraq”

  1. Michelle Gyenes

    I didn’t mean to intentionally leave out the international troops that are currently in Iraq, these were just the statistics off hand from an article I read… I’m not sure when all of the other countries are pulling out of Iraq, but obviously it’s a great thing for anyone to leave a war and return home!

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