Some sound advice for any student. What not to do when speaking publicly… #TEDxTt

Well, I’ve got to say, that as someone who has seen the first round of rehearsal talks for TEDxTerry Talks 2011, we are really in for a treat. No wait, that phrase doesn’t really do it justice – let’s just say that it’s going to be both awesome and epic, which as far as adjectives go, is not so bad for a conference.

I also notice that ticket buying is starting to ramp up, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out, I would get your tickets earlier rather than later. Go here to get tickets. Go here to learn more about the November 5th conference. Go here, if for some strange reason you need to see all of this information in Facebook format. Click on this #TEDxTt hashtag if (just as strange) twitter is the only way you can talk.

And let me also leave you this informative video, useful for all students young and old, who have to give a public talk. It’s a PSA called “Thing to avoid when speaking publicly.” (and also a promo video for our first TEDxTerryTalks all those years ago).

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