One of the Best Innovators

Yes, I know, a Steve Jobs post. I just thought it was necessary. He was definitely a legend in the tech and entrepreneurial spheres and I thought this was the best way to pay homage to that. After his passing, the internet flooded with videos of him, quotes, speeches, etc. in an effort to say “Goodbye” to an individual that people seemed to know. I write this post not because I feel like I actually “know” him or feel connected to him but because of his ability to innovate continuously. Apple could have stopped innovating with the iPod or the Mac but they kept pushing the perceived notion of what was possible.

So I write this post to thank Steve Jobs for bringing us fonts, iPods, tablets, smartphones and mobile apps. He not only pushed himself but pushed the world to keep moving forward and thinking differently. Who knows if our level of technology could be the same without his brilliance.

“Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”

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