Hello Terry!

This is my first Terry blog and needless to say, I’m a bit nervous! I’ve done a bit of blogging before but it’s either been about nostalgic family memories or food for an iPhone app I worked on over the summer.

I’m a third year student (Sociology major and Commerce minor) but my true passions are art and entrepreneurship. I’ve been painting for years and drawing since I could hold a pencil. I found my entrepreneurial spirit in high school through a program called Junior Achievement in which you get to run your own company for a 16-week period.

So I found two areas that I loved before I graduated high school, but I wasn’t stopping there. That led me to UBC to pursue an arts degree for me to “find more things I was passionate about.” And I have done just that! From Creative Writing to Sociology, I have taken a range of courses and been able to find other subjects I find exciting and interesting. I also love photography and have attached a picture I took last year on the UBC Arts Term Abroad trip to Guatemala.

After spending the summer in a transformation program called The Next 36, I’m back at UBC and loving it! My blogs on Terry will probably be a mixture of crazy videos, stories about my entrepreneurial background and posts questioning why entrepreneurs are the way we are and how to get more women into the field.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below or follow me on Twitter (@salimahirji).

Looking forward to a Terryfic year! (yes my posts will always include puns that are not funny at all…stay tuned!)

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