Wanna talk at TEDxTerry Talks? How about these topics? #TEDxTt #UBC

Don’t know what TEDxTerry Talks is all about? Well, it’s a student conference where UBC students are given the TED platform to speak. Here, you’ll be given 18 minutes in front of 300 audience members, as well as the opportunity to be professionally filmed, and have that video forwarded to the TED folks in NYC.

So, if you have something you really want to share, spread the word about, or just get off your chest, then you’ll need to know that application deadline for TEDxTerry Talks is coming up soon (next Tuesday actually, Sept 27th).  Even if you’re not sure you’re ready for this opportunity, maybe you have a friend who you know would give an awesome talk.  At the very least, maybe you can be part of that audience, and take part in one of the best networking opportunities on campus (you can register for the conference here).

Anyway, at the very least, it’s always fun to think about what you might talk about.  And with this train of thought, check out some of the topic suggestions we saw earlier at Imagine Day (you can see all of them here).

Perhaps you want to talk about something personal:

Or maybe something you’re not necessarily comfortable about:

Or maybe something really really specific:

Maybe something fun:

Or different fun?

How about something serious?

Or not serious at all:

In any event, do us a favour and spread the word (on twitter we’ll start using the #TEDxTt hashtag).  The more applications we get, the more awesome our roster of student speakers will be.  For full details, do check it out here, and if you just want to come to the TEDx conference, you can register here (for a paltry $7 which includes coffees and lunch!)

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