An introduction? Maybe.

Well well well, here I am. In the middle of the night just done with one item out of maybe dozens on my to-do list. So typically me.

Oh, you ask who is this “me”? Graphically speaking, I’m exactly what you see in my avatar–a panda with red scarf. What does that mean exactly? Well, I’m rare, one of its kind, just like panda. And I love RED: wallet, hoodie, folders, notebooks, coats, scarf, you name it and I have it red.

Enough of that. Seriously, I’m a 4th year student doing a BA Honours in Economics and currently working on my honour thesis as well as graduate school applications. So my world at the moment is all about maths, economics and journal articles. I was born in China and I’ve lived in and travelled to dozens of countries in the world, and it seems a pattern that wherever I am, there’s lots of rain.

I can’t really think of some innovative way for you to get to know me better, so I’ll just do what seems to be popular (now or years ago): five things I absolutely love and five things I absolutely hate.

Absolutely loving:

-British TV Shows: all of them, seriously. I watch pretty much everything on BBC and ITV: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Law & Order UK, Merlin, Loose Women, etc. One of the reasons I like BBC and ITV better than say CBS or ABC is that the producers are really trying their best to represent the public and the society, all walks of it.

-Chocolate: one bar each day for as long as I can remember. =)

-Theatre: one of the reasons I don’t fancy Vancouver much as it is just too far away from Broadway and West End. But I’m going to watch La Cage aux Folles in November anyway.

Symphonic Metal: may sound odd to some, but Within Temptation, After Forever, Epica, just to name a few, are my favourite bands and they help me survive revision, long bus trips and many other boring days.

-Economics: I didn’t realise I love it so much until I started reading lots and experimenting with lots of ideas over the summer. The numbers and formula in economics are never abstract, behind each there’s a real person, a real family and a real world.

Absolutely hating:

-Conspiracy Theory: can’t wrap my head around this whole thing. I admit that there are lots of things going unexplained for whatever reason and it is reasonable for people to speculate. But speculation is very very different from paranoia.

-Smoking: I have got nothing agains smokers, but everything agains smoking. I’ll leave it as that.

-Celery: odd and can’t be explained. Hate it.

-Dog walking: not any dog I suppose, but really I hate walking my dogs. They walk/run too fast even for me and are too clever to be restrained by leash. I’ll train them to walk themselves one day…

-Certainty: Life is an adventure, and no matter what, I’m not allowing anyone from the adjustment bureau to mess with my life. It’s all up to me to say what is my fate and destiny and to explore the unknown and walk the path unventured.

To finish off, a little satire of economics. It is hilarious and who knows, it might actually work, after all it’s all about expectations my friend. That’s all from me, until next time.

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