New Blogger Says Hi

Hi Terry Readers,

In an attempt to drag myself away from video games and TV series, I have successfully landed here at Terry blog – a somewhat better excuse to face the computer six hours a day. So here I am.

Since I was explicitly instructed to write in an unserious, non-academic manner, I will spare you the commentated CV of my life and start instead with a rant about two of my most-visited places on campus. And no, washroom is not one of them.

The Building That’s Always In Progress

When I first set foot on campus three years ago, my Imagine MUG leader told me that the Buchanan blocks had been under construction when he got here for the first time, which was a year before that. Since then, I’ve heard on countless occasions people joking about they’ve never really used the whole building at once, because there is always some part closed down for renovation.

There's at least one thing I like about Buchanan - I get to take a free shower with the bikes.

Frankly speaking, I don’t mind all that much. My philosophy classes were spread around campus, and I got to do some exercise outside the classrooms. The only trouble I have, however, is that being an artistically absent-minded Arts student that I am, I seem to be unable to find a mind-blowing improvement over the years of construction. Of course, upon the celebration of our new courtyard, this may not be a popular position to hold. But I keep wondering how popular those benches will be once it starts raining.

The Building That Desperately Needs Progress

Although my psychology classes were actually held in the Swing building, this rant is about its close neighbor – the Douglas Kenny Building.

Those of you who have been to the Kenny Building know what I’m talking about. Rumors are that it was built based on the structure of the brain, but in my opinion, the brain makes way more sense – for one thing, the brain regions in charge of similar things (say, numbers and letters) are close to each other, and the rooms in the Kenny Building are not even numerically ordered.

As usual, I try to see the bright side of it – it trains your spacial navigation skills and memory. Remember when people do research on memory, they often use non-sense syllables or random numbers? Consider the Kenny Building a 3D version of that. One day when I get to know it like the back of my hand, I might even be able to land an office inside.

Last Bit

Now that you know a little better about me, or my opinion towards my classrooms, here are some more facts: I am a 4th year Arts student who is not graduating this year, because I love school too much, or that I double major in philosophy and psychology and didn’t plan my courses well enough. In the upcoming school year I will write more about what’s going on in my life. I have a quite boring life, but I will make it as interesting as I can for you to read. If I fail, at least you can look at my boring recollections and feel good about yourselves. If I succeed, feel free to leave a comment and fuel me up.

Thanks for bearing with me till the end,

If not, thanks for skipping to the end,


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