School is upon us… What are you doing (did you do) this last weekend of the summer?

I’ll start:

1. Worked on the finishing touches on my slides for my first class (SCIE113). This is kind of a first for me – I don’t think I’ve ever taught to first years on their very first day of classes. Hopefully, I won’t mess with the students’ heads here.

2. General website stuff. This includes (1) looking over phylomon stuff (hey, anyone want to help out? I’m always looking for card curators); (2) cleaning up this Terry site here and there (TEDxTerryTalk now open for applications, and registration will be open on tuesday), (3) working on the finishing touches of my new blog home (called Popperfont – more on this later); and (4) the usual slog of trying my best to stay up to date with my email (seriously thinking this Email Charter is a something I should send out to everyone).

3. Fun time with my wife and kids. Here, we all agreed that each one of us could pick something to do, and from that we went to Dim Sum, did a little bit of last minute shopping, went on a bike ride to London Farm where we had tea (and also passed by 4 different wedding ceremonies – it was a lovely day and Steveston, where I live, is pretty picturesque), and played laser tag (this was my son’s choice). Laser tag was fun, not the least of which was because my son had inadvertently wore a white t-shirt, and so was lit up like a neon sign as he ran around the dark lighted arena. (BTW, my laser tag handle is “IAM AWESOME” which always irks my kids to no end).

4. But in reality, most of the time spent this weekend was looking after Lucy. She’s a 4 month old puppy now, but still lots of work!

Alright, enough about me… What did you do?

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5 Responses to “School is upon us… What are you doing (did you do) this last weekend of the summer?”

  1. Jody

    I went to Ikea yesterday to get some stuff for my place (first time away from home and residence). I must say that Ikea during the start of university is pretty close to hell on earth!

  2. Henry L.

    Just enjoyed the weather, made good use of Jericho beach, and tried my best not to use my brain at all (knowing that, it’ll be getting a good workout over the next 8 months).

  3. Dave Semeniuk

    I spent the weekend recuperating from two and a half week field expedition in the NE subarctic Pacific, which included: doing nothing, doing science, buying groceries, drinking delicious wine, eating cheap pizza and making a peach and blueberry crumble while regretting missing the Victory Square Block Party.

  4. Fridawhoisverytired

    Road trip to San Francisco! 15 hours down; stop at Alcatraz; couple of pictures of me and my friends for prosperity; and then 15 hours back. Yup, pretty stupid, but this is what happened when someone asked, “What do you want to do this weekend?”

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