IMPACT! Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership

Next September, 165 university students from around the country will attend the 2011 IMPACT! Youth Conference for Sustainability Leadership, a three-day event that invites student leaders to explore real sustainability solutions with national academic and business leaders. Held at the campus of the University of Guelph, this conference provides student attendees with pre-conference preparation, features prominent prominent industry and research leaders (including keynote speaker David Suzuki), and offers students the chance to secure funding for their post-conference sustainability projects and initiatives.

Application’s for this year’s conference will be accepted until January 23, 2011. To apply, or to learn more about this conference, visit

When: September 15-18, 2011 – University of Guelph, ON
Who: 165 university & college students from across Canada
How much: All conference related expenses covered
More: for information and applications
Deadline: Application deadline: January 23, 2011

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