Yes, you too can get yourself the NUCLEAR WAR card game…

…AND expansion sets!

Seriously, you can still buy it for $29.95. Better yet, there’s a number of extras you can get including (from wiki):

Nuclear Escalation (1983)
Adds deterrents and defensive capabilities, space platforms, the “glow-in-the-dark nuclear death die”, and more.
Nuclear Proliferation (1992)
Each player now represents a different country with unique special powers. Adds submarines, atomic cannons and more.
Nuclear War Booster Packs (1995)
Booster Packs of 8 randomly packed card from a set of 47 new cards.
Nuclear War Bonus Pack #1
9 new countries, warhead cards, a set of population cards, a bumper sticker and a player assistance chart.
Nuclear War Bonus Pack #2 — India/Pakistan War Variant (1999)
Combines the Nuclear War game with the India Rails game.
Weapons of Mass Destruction (2004)
More cards for the game including new cards usable as either a missile or a warhead and a Deluxe Population deck featuring characters from NodwickKenzer & Companyand Dork Tower.
Nuclear War Bonus Pack #3
Same as Bonus Pack #1 but with new style of population cards from Weapons of Mass Destruction.

I’m gonna have to get a set one of these days to bring to class.

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