Terry Panda visits VP Brian Sullivan

Interested in learning more about student involvement at UBC, the Terry Panda sat down with UBV VP Students, Brian Sullivan, to talk a bit about his role on campus, the Terry Project, and UBC’s ongoing efforts towards greater global engagement through the ‘Place and Promise’ Plan.

This discussion should be of interest to all students who are curious about how the UBC Administration sees the challenge of greater student engagement on campus. If you’d like to learn more about the office of the VP, Students or the Place and Promise Plan, the information below should be useful:

UBC Vice-President, Students Brian Sullivan
vpstudents@exchange.ubc.ca, 604-822-3955

The UBC Admin Blog
A Blog Written by Brian Sullivan, Vice-President, Students and Pierre Ouillet, Vice-President, Finance, Resources, and Operations ‘to share what’s on their minds and explore issues that matter to students with students.’

Place and Promise: The UBC Plan

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