‘Legitimacy and Legality in International Law’-President Toope’s Book Launch Event

The book launch for the above title by our very own President Toope is happening tomorrow (Thursday, September 23rd) and students are welcome to attend!  President Toope’s presentation will be accompanied by comments from Dr. Natasha Affolder and Asha Kaushal.

Dr. Natasha Affolder is the Assistant Professor and Director, Centre for Global Environmental and Natural Resource Law at the UBC Faculty of Law, and Faculty Fellow at the Liu Institute for Global Issues.

Asha Kaushal is a PhD Student in the Faculty of Law, based at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC. Her research looks at the role of law in immigrant enclaves, with particular focus on immigration, citizenship, and multiculturalism laws.

For more information on the event please go to the Liu Institute Website.

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