Awesome Event Alert! : Legitimacy and Legality in International Law

Greetings Terry lovers! The event below looks wonderfully interesting; do check it out if you have a chance. Professor Toope always has interesting things to say, and I heard Asha Kaushal speak at the 6th Annual Interdisciplinary Graduate Workshop on Migration Studies that was held at the Liu Centre in March, and she was phenomenal. And Dr Affolder sounds wonderful too, so I think you’ll be in for a real treat of an afternoon if you go.

Legitimacy and Legality in International Law

Book launch and presentation by Professor Stephen Toope, President and Vice Chancellor, University of British Columbia, with comment from Dr. Natasha Affolder and Asha Kaushal

Location: Liu Institute for Global Issues, Multipurpose Room
Time: Thursday, 23rd September, 2010, 3:00 – 5:00pm, refreshments to follow
It has never been more important to understand how international law enables and constrains international politics. By drawing together the legal theory of Lon Fuller and the insights of constructivist international relations scholars, this book articulates a pragmatic view of how international obligation is created and maintained. First, legal norms can only arise in the context of social norms based on shared understandings. Second, internal features of law, or ‘criteria of legality’, are crucial to law’s ability to promote adherence, to inspire ‘fidelity’. Third, legal norms are built, maintained or destroyed through a continuing practice of legality. Through case studies of the climate change regime, the anti-torture norm, and the prohibition on the use of force, this book shows that these three elements produce a distinctive legal legitimacy and a sense of commitment among those to whom law is addressed.

Professor Stephen J. Toope is an International Law scholar who represented Western Europe and North America on the UN Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances from 2002-2007. His academic interests include public international law, legal theory, human rights, international dispute resolution, and family law.

Professor Toope is active with many associations, currently serving as Chair, World University Services Canada (WUSC), Director of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), Member of the Research Council of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR), and Chair, The Research Universities’ Council of British Columbia (RUCBC).

Dr. Natasha Affolder is Assistant Professor and Director, Centre for Global Environmental and Natural Resource Law at the UBC Faculty of Law, and Faculty Fellow at the Liu Institute for Global Issues. Her current research addresses the emergence of “international standards” as a source of regulation.

Asha Kaushal is a PhD Student in the Faculty of Law, based at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at UBC. Her research looks at the role of law in immigrant enclaves, with particular focus on immigration, citizenship, and multiculturalism laws. She is interested in how societies negotiate migration and its consequences.

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