Hello from Dar es Salaam to Terry readers!

Habari za leo? How are you today?

Safi sana! Everything is great!

No conversation, no matter how urgent, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania starts without a greeting. So here I am, greeting you.

My name’s Tiffany. I’m a graduate from the Global Resource Systems program at UBC. Loyal Terry followers may remember me from the first Terry talks in 2008 (back then, it wasn’t TEDx yet! Phew, I feel old) about urban agriculture.

A few exciting years have passed with me living in Norway, Uganda, and Tanzania for exchange through Go Global and working with the UBC Dollar Project (we’re going to be at TEDx Terry talks this year!). Now, I’m back in Tanzania (in the big city this time) working for a Vancouver based organization called Sustainable Cities partnered with a Tanzanian organization called the Kesho Trust.

My work is funded by the Canadian International Development Agency’s International Youth Internship Program, where Canadian youth are sent overseas to work with many different development organizations (Seriously – check it out, there must be one that interests you). I was lucky to come back to Tanzania for 6 months to work on urban agriculture issues with an amazing organization; i.e. my dream job!

The awesome staff at Terry are letting me blog a bit about my life here. As one loyal Terry fan (amongst legions) since first year at UBC, I’m excited to share my experience and thoughts. So I’ll do my best to write stuff that is hopefully interesting. I would really appreciate it if you have any post topic requests or any questions. Ask away and I’ll do my best to answer.

You can also learn more about the work of Sustainable Cities at their blog or about me on my more personal blog. I look forward to talking with you and please contact me if you’ll be in my current part of the world soon!

Tutaonana tena. See you again.

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