Panda is Back!

Greetings, Terry readers.

High in the mountain’s of China’s Sichuan province I’m tying up the loose ends of my exchange and excited to head back to Vancouver. I know you’ve all met Elysa and Florin, but I will be the third Terry student assistant this year.

So what will I be doing with Terry this year? My role will be a bit different. While I will blog regularly, I will mostly do investigative, on-site pieces around the UBC and Vancouver community through video blog.

Any suggestions for pieces you would like me to do? Post a comment, and I’ll see you all soon!

Below are some questions that some of my fellow exchange students asked to give you guys an idea of who I am, game on Terry!

What global issue are you most passionate about?

I was first involved with Terry through the ASIC 200 course, and was greatly appreciative of the attention given to climate change. I take a strong advocacy role in climate change and other environmental concerns, specifically deforestation of my habitat in southern China.

What is the greatest difficulty you have faced as a UBC student?

I would have to say finding opportunities and experiences to grow. People don’t seem to take me seriously. In saying that, I think the work that I’ve done proves that students of all species deserve a chance.

Do you have something special you want to accomplish in the Terry position?

Yes! Besides creating interesting blog posts and video blogs, my goal for the year is to make Terry well-known around campus as an amazing place to share ideas and be inspired! Maybe a surprise appearance at IMAGINE would take care of that…

Lastly, a question borrowed from Elysa and Florin’s introductions:

If you had to eat one fruit or vegetable for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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Panda is an undergraduate student in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems. Panda works alongside Terry co-coordinator Dave Ng on biodiversity projects. Climate change and species preservation are incredibly important to the Panda, given its experience as an endangered species. It will be spending its time at Terry interviewing cool people on campus and profiling exciting UBC projects. Stay tuned for lots of fun video blogs!