To Iran, With Love

To the Islamic Republic of Iran,

To Iran,

My dear friend, how have you been? Things have changed a great deal, I know. You have been so hard to get in contact with, what with the travel restrictions, losing your anti-filter software, and the new round of ridiculous sanctions. I know that I have not written since our argument the last time we spoke, and I would like to apologize. I realize that we both share the same sentiment over this ‘Islamic Republic’ bullshit, and fighting will not ease our frustration. Considering neither of us knows what an ‘Islamic Republic’  really means (nor does Khameini) why bother acknowledging it?

Not to be difficult, but calling you Iran is not ideal either. When I tell people how close we are I get looked at like I’m crazy. They think I’m friends with someone who promotes Islamic extremism, oppression, hard lining mullahs, torture, and worst of all, Ahmadinejad. In a way, I don’t blame them. How could I possibly love Iran if this is what you represent? Seeing as Persia is where everything that I love about you began, this is what I will call you.

Which brings me to why I have decided to write after so long: Persia, I miss you.

It was only last year at this time that I believed things were going to change. I thought we were through with international tantrums, sanctions, and all that has gone against the values and ideals that Persia once held up for the world to follow. Like most people, I felt that we were on the edge of a Persian revolution that would re-instate all that you come from. At my most skeptical, I thought there would at least be some change, some concessions allowed. We watched from a distance as you did what most people would be too afraid to do- you marched in the streets, you bared your heads, and you demanded your vote. And then, as if nothing had happened at all, there was silence.

Well, actually, Michael Jackson passed away and then much of the world forgot about giving you primetime coverage.

But many of us did not forget.

Surely, it will be only be a matter of time before you rise again Persia, and I don’t mean in the sense of rising nuclear capability. Soon, I hope to see a re-emergence of your dominance in all that I cherish in modern society; art, culture, literature, and political debate.

Until then, I will continue to share our friendship with others who do not know you as well. And while I spend late nights reading Vis and Ramin, I will think of you and hope for the best.

With love,


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