Terry Global Speakers Series Presents: Paul Polak


The Terry Global Speakers Series, in collboration with the Simon KY Lee Global Lounge and Resource Centre, is pleased to announce our latest speaker, Paul Polak, on Monday, June 28 at 2pm in the Global Lounge.

Dr. Paul Polak is the founder of International Development Enterprises (IDE), a non-profit organization that has ended poverty for 17 million people by making available radically affordable irrigation technologies through local entrepreneurs and opening access to private sector markets.

Polak has over 25 years of experience in agricultural development, technology, and private sector solutions to poverty. After IDE’s success across the world, Polak started a non-profit called D-REV: Design for the Other 90%. With this initiative, Polak hopes to create a revolution in design, changing the way design is done to reach the 4 billion people at the bottom of the pyramid, those currently unreached by the current design process. Design for the Other 90% now hosts an exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum in New York to exhibit successes in technology solutions for the poor.

In this unique opportunity, Dr. Polak will be sharing some of his experiences in development and in designing products and services that can help the poor climb out of poverty, followed by an engaging discussion and Q&A. The event is intended for students, faculty, and staff with a passion and interest for international development and global issues. SEATING IS VERY LIMITED so RSVP early at bit.ly/terrypolak or email toterry@interchange.ubc.ca for more information.

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