Pursue Terry readers, pursue!

We have had some pretty fantastic success with a couple of individuals that we contacted for the annual Terry Global Speaker Series…More to come as details become finalized, but we promise you, it’s good!

HOWEVER– we have also had some roadblocks. Surprise, surprise, speaker agencies ruin the day yet again! Terry history has shown that when we a) have a special connection to the speaker or b) somehow avoid the agent and the speaker bureau and make direct contact with the individual, they realize that Terry is a student project and are happy to come to UBC!

So, here’s an idea. Look at the original posting for the Global Speaker Series invite list and consider who you would REALLY want to see. Then, join Florin and I in pursuing the hell out of these people.


Do they have twitter? TWEET TWEET TWEET!

Facebook fan pages? You get the idea.

Personally, I was hoping for Malcolm Gladwell (author of Blink, Outliers, The Tipping Point), whom I’ve heard has substantially reduced his gigantic speaker fee for University engagements….His speaker’s bureau told me otherwise this morning. (Malcolm, if you’re out there, please fulfill your obligation as an awesome and successful Canadian to visit your fellow Canadians!)

Photo from gladwell.com

Feel free to post your hot pursuit progress in the comments section.

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13 Responses to “Pursue Terry readers, pursue!”

  1. Jiyoon

    I love that this board has the liberal pundit “Jon Stewart” as a contender for “Global Speaker Series” yet no conservative pundits like Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, etc.

    I would sincerely hope that it is not Terry’s intention to exclusively cater to that of liberal-biased speakers.

  2. ElysaHogg

    Well the two ‘conservative pundits’ you mention have a long history of making incredibly offensive comments (especially Ann Coulter) so you have your answer as far as what we may be trying to avoid!

  3. Dominika

    I could be wrong, but given past events I feel that having Ann Coulter speak would spark more anger and offence than constructive dialogue. Plus, it would shift the focus of the Global Speaker series from global issues and conversation and divide people into camps based on political leanings, which I feel would undermine the purpose of the Terry project as a whole. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the purpose of the talks?

  4. Nick Zarzycki

    Thank you, Jiyoon, for placing Glenn Beck and Ann Coulter in the same category as the host of a show on Comedy Central. You’ve essentially done all of my work for me. All that’s left to say is that UBC students probably won’t find jokes aimed at minorities/the disenfranchised/welfare/religions that are not Christianity/etc. nearly as funny as they will jokes that are actually funny.

  5. Dominika

    Hoooold on for a second, Nicholas. Are you saying that jokes aimed at religions EXCEPT Christianity are not funny? Therefore, that jokes aimed at Christianity ARE funny? Why this double-standard?

  6. Dominika

    Whooops! I meant “Nick” – sorry for the confusion!

  7. Dominika

    Nick, just to clarify: She will only make jokes about non-Christian religions, or are jokes about non-Christian religions not funny (though jokes about Christianity are funny)? I may have confused myself here.

  8. Nick Zarzycki

    Dominika – jokes whose central tension is supposed to come from how little a religion/belief system shares in the moral precepts of Christianity are, I would think, not something UBC students would appreciate.

  9. Jiyoon

    I just thought it was funny, because Jon Stewart has zero history of relating to “global issues”.

    As for jokes, I agree that she does cross the line quite a few times. But I would be careful as to make her out to be this crazy maniac who sputters racist and bigoted comments, as liberal media tends to do. Also, I suppose it depends where everyone’s “line” is. I was hoping that she would talk about issues like free speech (which I tend to think relates to global issues), as I believe it’s something obviously near and dear to her heart…Also because U of Ottawa students would not let her speak at her event.

    Oh dear, if I suggested Helen Thomas, I wonder what would have happened…Sure is haterade in here! (: I thought I could make some suggestions.

  10. ElysaHogg

    Sorry Jiyoon, anyone who tells someone of Middle Eastern decent that they should not be allowed to ride airplanes, and instead can take their magic carpet would NEVER be on my speaker list, regardless of other topics she may or may not speak on.

  11. Kelsey

    I may be a little late to the discussion here, but to bring it back to speakers, Gladwell and Stewart would be amazing!

    Robert Krulwich (an award-winning science reporter and all-around cool guy) would be so cool to get out here too, check out the Radiolab podcast on iTunes if you don’t really know who he is. His work is all really interdisciplinary (science literacy, politics, business) so he totally fits Terry’s profile.

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