There’s something to be said about hope…

It has been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve wondered if I ever would again.  I hoped so, and so I am.  This is a random collection of tidbits about hope, and its meanings for me.

–Remember Pandora’s Box, and the last item to fly out?

–An obsession with Harry Potter led me to this site.

–A haiku from grade 9:

    My tears are expired,

    Like that yogurt in my ‘fridge

    been inside too long

    –A line from a month ago:

      Everything falls into place, even if it falls apart.

      –A gigantic oil spill and wild attempts to fix it.

        –Not too long ago, I knew a girl who tried to take her own life.  Now she is alive and well.  Things like this happen all over the world, all the time.  Tiny miracles on top of tragic actions.

        –The Elegance of a Hedgehog– a book I’m starting about the possibilities in the Beauty of Art and the Meaning in Life.

        –Romantic comedies who make girls want impossible things.

        –Global issues that may one day be solved…

        What does hope mean to you?

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        Tiffany is twenty and a citizen of two and a third countries. She is firmly unscientific in her thoughts, preferring the arts even though she got better grades in science during high school. She is not exactly sure what she's doing at UBC (it must needs do with learning, growing?) but there she is. IR and French are her focus- but then again she is sort of unfocused in general.