Good Luck Shagufta and Geoff, Hello Elysa and Florin!

Besides blogging the basic bio facts, which we promise to do as well, we asked our fellow summer student-staffers in the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) to ask us some random questions to give you an insightful, unusual, and possibly completely useless insight into your newest Terry team members.

Hello everyone! My name is Elysa Hogg and I’m thrilled to officially be a part of the Terry team. My first encounter with Terry was in 2008 when I participated in Terrytalks as a student speaker. Until now, I have been an active Exec member of the International Relations Student Association (IRSA) and have fulfilled varioust roles in the wonderful world of Model United Nations. My work with a grass-roots organization has brought me back to the Philippines several times and has sparked extensive travel plans post-graduation.

Outside of IRSA and Terry, I’m interested in non-fiction books, engaging courses, running, yoga, friends and family.

Let the crazy questionning begin!

One word to describe yourself: Intense

If you could swim in a sea of something, what would it be? –Oana (Science Student Development)

Jell-O, because I’m not a good swimmer and the gelatin would provide a safe and secure floating atmosphere. I like how I just turned something weird and quirky into a rational thought process.

If you could interview a historical figure who would it be and why? – Deana (O-Team)

Napoleon. I had an intense obsession with French history in elementary school (I also had friends, just saying) and have always wanted to ask: a) Why did you keep your hand in your jacket? And b) How did you REALLY die?

If you could only eat one fruit or vegetable for the rest of your life what would it be?Pam T (Orientations Team)
Manila mangoes!

If you could be any cartoon character who would you be and why?- Pam Y (O-Team)
EDNA MODE, The Incredibles!!! Anyone a fan? Not only for her sarcasm and misleading appearance but my favorite cartoon quote of all time, “I never look back dahling. It distracts from the now.”

When was the last time you told a lie?Devin (O-Team)
Way to stir the pot Devin!
I’m currently dog sitting for two adorable spaniels, one loves me (Molly) while the other one has gone rogue (Jigs), and is trying to overthrow me as dog sitter. I awoke to the rogue puppy peeing all over the bed, including the feather down comforter. Coincidently, the owner called this morning and asked if I had everything under control. While spraying Oxiclean on the sheets I replied, “absolutely!” Fail.

What is the random thing you have on you at all times?Dominika (LEAP)
Going to the library? A movie? Dinner with friends? A night out on the town? Doesn’t matter. I will always have black liquid pens, Staedtler color pens, and a Staedtler highlighter in my bag/purse. Dominika just reminded me of my obsession with all things stationary. Consider yourself warned, CSI stationary cabinet.

Who is a thinker that you admire most and why? Aneeta (LEAP)
It’s difficult to get this deep at 3:30pm on a workday afternoon, but here we go.

I’ve read her book about three times now, and I’m still appreciative of Dambisa Moyo’s intellect. If you’re not familiar, I highly suggest you pick up/borrow her book “Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa”.

Dambisa comes to mind solely because of my interest and personal experience in aid work in the Philippines. Through working with an incredible grass-roots organization there I acquired a passion for EFFECTIVE aid- and a realization that most aid is not. Her book is useful both for its direct critique of aid policy, and intelligent proposals that challenge the traditional perceptions of foreign aid and Africa. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, the debate this book creates is needed.

BONUS: Dambisa=girl power *cue Spice Girls song

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