The Big Picture: A Green Project (or: why I love my reusable mug)

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If you have spent more than a couple of hours with me (or ever entered a coffee shop in my company), than you’re aware of my (STRONG) beliefs about the value of using reusable coffee mugs. For those of you who work with me and have to endure my constant nagging about using paper cups at work (when we have an endless supply of mugs at the lab!), well, stop bringing paper cups and not recycling them and I’ll stop bugging you. I’ll even buy you a damn travel mug- just come talk to me. And if you’d like to discuss the pros and cons of using paper vs. travel mugs or ceramics with respect to energy costs etc. I’m up for that too!

To honor my beliefs in going completely reusable (and hopefully inspire my friends to do the same), last year I took on the Reusable Mug ONLY challenge (ok so, there was no such actual challenge, I just made it up). I only purchased coffee in paper cups 3 times in the whole year! (Yes I’m very proud of this accomplishment because it often meant going without a hot beverage, even if someone else was treating, just because I didn’t have my portable mug on me). Now the Reusable Only challenge has become a way of life and I’m pretty used to people looking at me strangely on coffee dates if I tell them I’m not ordering because I forgot my mug.

Anyhow, today is Free Coffee Day at Starbucks (April 15).

The message: One person can save trees, together we can save forests.

If one person switches to reusable mugs, 7 trees are saved. If one million people switch,… you get the picture.

Check out this killer video The Big Picture advertising the event, then Join the Movement!! Head over to Starbucks with your mug for a free coffee!

(You can make a pledge here to join the thousands of people around the world who are switching from paper cups to reusable coffee mugs.)

PS If you’re on the market for a great travel mug, there are great stainless steel mugs at Starbucks- I can’t find a photo online but they are completely leak free so you can literally toss it upside down in your purse/backpack and go! Ask the Barista to put some water in the mug so you can check on the leakability before you buy.

Now if you’ll excuse me whilst I head down to the corner of Agronomy and East Mall with my mug to proudly receive my free mug of coffee…

– Jody

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Jody is a PhD student in the Department of Microbiology at UBC.