UBC Admin has a Blog!

Over the past two months a group of students and courageous administrators have been working to develop a new way of communicating to students what is happening on campus. The first project that they have taken on is blogging. Now anyone with technologically challenged parents will know that expectations of someone of the ‘pre-internet’ generation to develop and maintain a blog are low, let alone even understand what one is.

Well, the blog is up and they deserve a round of applause for that alone. Brian Sullivan (VP Students) and Pierre Ouilliet (VP Finance) are leading the charged with some videos to kick it off as well.

Be sure to check out their site. It has the ominous title of The Administration which sounds like some take-off of The Office. This isn’t about comedy though (although it may be awkward at times), its about your campus and this blog is a chance for you to directly get in touch with the head honchos and let them know what is up. So far they have both been great about responding to students questions.

The posts so far have been: From Transparency to Dialogue, Join In!, Balancing Budgets – An Inconvenient Truth, and Contested Spaces.

So have a read and put some comments up, even if it is just to tell them they are ahead of their generation!

Check it out: here!

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