$5 student Rush tickets on sale for Sport, Peace and Development beginning at 9:30am TODAY

Beginning today at 9:30am, UBC students with a valid student ID can purchase Rush tickets for Sport, Peace and Development featuring development and community building advocates Stephen Lewis and Johann Koss.

Student rush tickets are $5 and will be available at the Chan Centre box office beginning at 9:30am. Regular tickets are $23 and will also be available.

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Joanne often gets really excited when she talks about Science. Luckily, she works in the Advanced Molecular Biology Laboratory, the educational arm of the Michael Smith Labs. She likes all kinds of science but has a special spot in her heart for biology, technology, and well, sports. As a scientist and educator at UBC, she hopes that she never becomes so specialized that she loses her global perspective. (When she gets around to writing an intro post, I'm sure that she'll link to it here).