“43% of students who live off-campus would live on-campus if they had the choice”

Or so says a student housing demand study that was recently completed by McClanaghan & Associates.

Kera says:

In December, a student housing demand study was completed by McClanaghan & Associates. It was commissioned by Campus and Community Planning and Student Housing and Hospitality Services to forecast the need and demand for on-campus student housing. It also responded to requests from the AMS and GSS. The comprehensive study, which included a survey of over 5,000 students, focus groups, and benchmarking of other comparable universities, confirms that there is a high level of interest in living on campus, and that the level of demand could be even higher given the significant social and academic advantages that on-campus living brings to the university experience. For instance, 43% of students who live off-campus would live on-campus if they had the choice. Results of the study are being presented this Friday, February 5, from 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in SUB 211.

Just in case, you’re one to do a little light reading on the bus, you can also download the full report here.

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