Game on. The Terry Tales dates are here! (We’ll bring the cookies, you bring the passion).

Terry readers, you know that lovely feeling of being in the midst of amazing conversations and wonderfully interesting people? And how that heady mix of excitement and energy and passion stays with you long after you’ve left the room? That’s what our first Terry Tales event was like. It was originally described as an evening of stories without notes (à la The Moth), but it quickly turned into a terrific evening of sharing stories, exploring different topics, and testing out new ideas, all while eating some delish cookies. It was pretty darn awesome. And luckily, the awesomeness continues all term long.

The dates for all the Terry Tales events are listed above on our poster, and aside from March 15th which starts at 5:30pm, all will run from 5-7PM in the Global Lounge. Which is at Marine Drive Residence, and is positively gorgeous. (Seriously).

No worries if you can’t stay for the whole thing, or you don’t want/feel shy to go up to the mic to tell a story, just come, soak in the atmosphere and participate in the great conversations. And if you are intrigued by the prospect of telling a 5-7 minute story without notes, we’d love to hear from you as well. Everyone’s welcome.

You’re awesome, other Terry* lovers are awesome, and it’s time to share the joy on a more regular basis.  I can’t wait!

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