Quickly, quickly – UBC in a single minute, 60 mississippi’s, or 1/1440th of a day.

Jamil says:

“We all know that a lot of exciting things happen on campus – and yes, you can go to the UBCevents calendar to find a lot of them…but what if you don’t have that much time? What if you only had one minute? Or, should we say, what if all it took were one minute to find out about the great things happening during a week at UBC?

A new project is firing up from Alumni Affairs and UBCevents to bring you a weekly video series called “UBC in a Minute” and we want to put the question to you: “How would you describe UBC in a minute?” (your comments are valuable, seriously!)

I’ll start – it needs to be fast paced, with lots of different things being showcased. This can be tricky to do without being high maintenanced or with high production values, but there are some video series that pull it off with some sharp media savy. This one called Grand Unified Weekly, I always thought had a clever way of presenting their material. With that style, you can hopefully show lots of things in the single minute.

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