Awesome Event(s):Jan 18-22nd is Africa Awareness Week 2010!

Terry lovers, it is finally here! Africa Awareness Week 2010 is finally here and it looks beyond wonderful. Not that we should think about the beautiful continent for just one week, but it is an awesome opportunity to learn from amazing individuals and to celebrate, and then to take that energy and continuing learning for the remaining 51 weeks of the year.

Details below. And the conference website can be found here. Now go attend! The first event is tonight.

JAN 18

Opening Night: “Past, Present & Future of the African Studies Program at UBC

Join us in exploring the history of the UBC African Studies Program at a vibrant African cocktail evening while envisioning the future of the program who created and run it. Entrance by donation.

Venue: Sage Bistro
Time: 6:00 – 7:30pm

JAN 19

Artistic Focus Night: African Art, Poetry & Open Mic Performances

A celebration of Mama Africa’s artistic nature through slam poetry, music and visual art exhibitions. Entrance by donation.

Venue: Koerner’s Pub
Time: 6:00pm

JAN 20

Humanitarianism and Gender in African Context

A critical discussion of Western Countries’ humanitarian efforts and their impact on marginalized women. Free event.

Key Note Speaker: Dr. Erin Baines
Venue: Liu Institute
Time: 6:00pm

JAN 21

Grad Research on Africa (In Partnership With WUSC)

An interactive discussion and presentations of exciting African focused research by UBC graduate students. Free event.

Venue: Liu Institute
Time: 12:00pm-1:30pm

“Involving Minority Groups In Building Global Communites”

Join us in learning more about one of the Top 25 Canadian immigrants of 2009, Mayor James Atebe’s dedication to both his heritage and his adopted country, and how he uses the two to better serve his community. Free event.

Venue: Liu Institute Multipurpose Room
Time: 4:30pm-5:30pm

JAN 22

Sikiliza Afro-Fusion Cultural Night

A celebration of African music fused with Indian, Malaysian, and western influences. Features entertainment, food, and a dance.

Venue: Abdul Ladha Science Center
Time: 8:30pm-Midnight
Price: $10 non-members, $7 members, $5 Premium members

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