Get involved! Volunteer at the 2nd Annual DTES Splendour in the Night.

Wow, the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House  (or DTES NH) is hosting the 2nd annual ‘Splendour in the Night’ on Monday Dec 21st. Proper details and more info about the event below, but they’re looking for volunteers. It sounds like a wonderful way to support a beautiful event. Do contact them for more information.

What is it?

Splendour is a silent homage to the beauty and strength of the DTES. In October 2009, the DTES NH held a portrait taking day. During this event we took 800+portraits of our neighbours, and these amazing photos will be projected through the longest night of the year in honour of our community. Through this night, there will be a pop-up tent[with walls] set up on Dunlevy St for people to enjoy the show. There will be coffee and some healthy food donations to distribute, all while enjoying some fabulous company and a spectacular show.

Great! How can I help?

a)  Monday December 21st

12pm -4pm – Set up of Dunlevy Street

The remaining shifts will include: greeting guests at Splendour, preparing coffee/tea, distributing food, and enjoying Splendour in the Night.
4pm – 9pm –
9pm – 1am
1am – 5am –
5am – 8am
9am – Take down and clean up

b) If you have  a car, by picking up donations.

c) If you have any socks,hats, mitts scarves, coats sweaters etc., that you would like to be distributed at Splendour in the Night, please bring them with you on December 21st.

Who do I contact for more information/to help?

Stacy Bonenfant at StacyDTESNH (at) gmail (dot) com.

And remember, even if you can’t volunteer, do stop by Dunlevy Street on December 21st to dispel the myths and experience the true community of the DTES.

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