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Fatou says:

Vancouver and UBC in particular has been my home for the past four years. The comfort of knowing each building, been in socially aware student organizations and participating in inspiring dialogue make for the plethora of things I miss since my move to Montreal. New yet again in a different city, i came armed with the hunger to get involved with a community beyond the university, I diagnosed myself as a seeker. I came to Montréal seeking art, seeking creativity, seeking community and seeking mediums that exist to facilitate, bridge and create social change.

In my state of seeking, I literally stumbled upon an independent magazine born from a vision to alter, develop and create social change. Upon meeting the founder of the magazine, my hope that the magazine’s vision would match my desire to be a part of a creative engine geared towards social change were confirmed, and soon after I was welcomed into the arms of the {warehouse} magazine.

the {warehouse} magazine has a simple mandate, to be the vehicle for the exchange of ideas that inspire social change. We are a Montréal based magazine always open and looking for contributors from all walks of life, from all geographical locations with varying ways to express and discuss what is happening at the local and global context.

I am still seeking and finding various ways to contribute to our global village, the mediums are always endless but for now, I am comfortably snuggled in the arms of the {warehouse} magazine

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