Delurking post (plus: are you dressing up for Halloween and as what?)

Here’s your chance to “delurk” (as in show yourself as someone who reads this blog and is going to leave their first ever comment).

So… are you dressing up for Halloween, and if so, as what. If you live on campus, do you still trick or treat by passing yourself off as an exceptionally “tall” child? You can also leave comments that point to fun things going on around campus if you’d like.

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13 Responses to “Delurking post (plus: are you dressing up for Halloween and as what?)”

  1. David Ng

    I’ll start. I’m taking my kids out tomorrow (they’re dressing as Harry Potter and Hermione Granger). Whilst doing that, I’ll be dress as a Jedi Knight, with robe, a light saber like stick, and (of course) the uncontrollable urge to make light saber sounds when I wave the stick around.

  2. Erin

    I’ll be heading out to see Vancouver’s famous Five Alarm Funk at the Commodore Ballroom, dressed as Kelly Kapowski from “Saved By the Bell”– I stole the idea from my roommate. We grew up watching the sitcom every day after school. I loved her costume idea so much, she gave me permission to “steal” it– we’ll be at different Halloween parties anyway. 🙂

  3. Camille

    Same as most people, I will be dressing up as the girl who stays at home and does homework. Who was the genius who put Halloween in the middle of midterm and paper season?
    However, if my going out plans had not fallen through, I was going to be the Mad Hatter.

  4. Florin

    Not sure yet what I’ll be, which is cutting it close (I’m open to ideas)

    I’ll be rocking some Reverse Trick-or-Treating with Engineers Without Borders, which means knocking on people’s doors and giving THEM fair-trade candy, while discussing the benefits of fair trade to small-scale farmers in the developing world! Anyone is invited to join at 4pm in CEME building design studio Saturday.

  5. Lillienne

    According to the packaging on my costume, I’m an “enchantress”. It really means I’m wearing a red dress that was meant for large 8- to 10-year-olds because grown-up costumes are too large for me and this is the only one I found that fits. But it has a spider in the middle, which makes everything complete.

    I’m excited for trick-or-eat and will pretend my essay for next week doesn’t exist. Which, to be fair, it doesn’t exist just yet.

  6. Justin

    I dressed up as a scarecrow last night, was a lot of fun! Best costume I saw all night was a spot on replica of a Vancouver trash can, with the spot for the cans and everything!

  7. Rebecca

    I dressed up with three other Irish people as Americans dressing up as leprechauns. We had a box of lucky charms, a bunch of curses and fake Irish accents. Didn’t win the group costume prize though, some annoying trekkies beat us (so what some of them sewed their own suits).

  8. Monika

    I dressed up in the whitest costume I could think of (Medusa, so dollar store snakes in the hair and a white toga) before going to the Evil Dead musical downtown at the Vogue. I came out completely red, and had a blast. It was fun being downtown and seeing it completely shoulder to shoulder with people in costumes; downtown isn’t usually my scene, but I guess I approve it half the people are zombies!

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