Little reminders of GOODness

I recently discovered a website and I love it (next to terry* of course).  I’m not sure if any of you know of it, but I figure the internet’s for sharing so here it is: Good.  With a name like that, it’s gotta be [okay I’ll refrain from my very lame humour].  I figure I should create a little matrix for moods and meandering in cyberspace.

A) You want to be amused and informed: I am not sure how well known it is but it has some wonderful articles.  My favorites being: the Wordtastic blog ( Blackberry the phone > blackberry the fruit, in the dictionary) and the Good 100 series (latest one being ‘cowpooling’ or the act of sharing your meat).

B) You want to laugh:

-look up the Yes Men (in particular, this hilarious video of the US Chamber of Commerce confronting an impersonator by demanding a business card as proof, or this ridiculous impersonation of an Exxon executive presenting a new biofuel made out of the remains of oil industry victims).

C) You want to have hope in mankind.

-counterpart to the more well known, Gives Me Hope has real life stories that briefly restore a sense of humanity to the rest of us who are overwhelmed by problems.

D) You have money woes.

-look up Socially Responsible Investing.  Mutual funds, stocks, bonds: they can all be human rights-friendly and green!  I use Vancity’s, and avoid consumer guilt.

E) You want to play.

-Look up Crayon Physics.  Way addictive: be forewarned.

F) You want to not think and relax.

-Use Grooveshark, an online music streaming service that I find simple, user friendly, and full of the music you want…  A testament to sharing and playlist-naming.

I hope you lose as many hours as I did on this sites.  Feel free to share your goodness sites in the comments!  We all love new ways to cyber-procrastinate.

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