Seminar! A CO2-sequestering geothermal power plant

Martin Saar from the University of Manitoba will be presenting, “A CO2-sequestering geothermal power plant.”  Unfortunately, there was no abstract provided, and I am unable to find any background material on this matter (except for the brief blurb on Wikipedia).  In any case, I’m going!

Location: EOS Main 330a (link)

Time: 4:00pm, Thursday October 22

I went to last year’s  Green Living Show (did anyone go this year – if so, how was it?), and spoke with a few local companies who installed devices into your home for harnessing geothermal energy (read: heat given off by the Earth, including hot springs, latent heat, etc.).  I remember thinking to myself how neat it would be if every home could, essentially, maintain it’s own power source.  I had no idea there are geothermal power plants, like the one pictured above in Iceland, that supply up to 15% of the country’s energy demand (wiki).  Yowza.

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